On-the-go access to local communication resources, helping deliver and amplify effective brief interventions.


Whats does Intervent do?

At present, local and national teams rely on traditional models of communication to spread healthy behaviour messages via frontline, on the ground stakeholders who have the power to deliver them.

This often relies on the process of bringing together a variety of stakeholders who:

  • have limited availability, resources or interest for a project overview meeting;
  • have long lead-times for the mass production and supply of print resources;
  • require continual prompting to ensure messages are being delivered.

The Intervent app uses the concepts of Making Every Contact Count (MECC) to allow frontline caregivers, such as young carers, housing officers, youth workers
and firefighters, access to local communication resources on-the-go.

Populated with up-to-date information and guidance for ongoing health and social change communication, this enables these individuals to deliver effective brief interventions more successfully.


Intervent offers a fantastic opportunity to streamline the ways in which we deliver campaign assets to our teams, pulling together the theory of Making Every Contact Count and taking advantage of modern delivery approaches.

Initiative Synchronisation

Automatically pushes communication updates to the handsets of users.

Key Messages

Ensuring frontline practitioners deliver consistent messages.

Service Mapping

Intervent helps users locate connected services both locally and nationally.


Events Calendar & Management

Bringing together a disparate user base to stakeholder events, both for practitioners and the public.

Brief Intervention

Weighted responses to allow on the spot recommendations regarding referrals and next steps.

So Much

Intervent is designed with commissioners in mind, and we strive to incorporate the features that your stakeholders require.

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